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We help you find more customers using cost effective lead generation strategies. 

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We focus on what we’re good at, nothing else and we deliver results!

RhinoBerry Media is a profit first performance based marketing agency that specialise in profitable lead generation for local service based business using paid media and organic traffic. 

So where do your prospects spend their time online? 


For local service businesses, Google Ads is a powerful tool to rapidly drive high quality leads


With a huge potential audience and a rich data set, Facebook is a great place to find B2C and B2B customers.


Mostly for B2C companies looking to acquire customers through a visual platform.


If you are creative and post original short video form contetn Tiktok is the place to get engagement.


To target business professionals, LinkedIn is great for engaging with a global business community.


As the second largest search platform Youtube serves as a great alternative if you have video content.


With the popularity of the platform increasing, Bing provides great reach and can be less competitive than Google.

Not Sure?

If you're not sure what ad platform is best for your business (or even whether you should run ads), we'll give you everything you need and help you decide.

A Proven Gameplan for lead generation success

Let’s call it our building blocks for lead generation success and what you need in place to make sure you maximise your leads generation process and get the most out of every Rand spend.

Get these building blocks in place and you never have to worry about where your next lead will come from, as it will be on autopilot. 

Paid Lead Source

It’s fast, its targeted and you can compete with your competitors from day one. 

Organic Leads

Local organic traffic adds another layer for you to generate more leads and grow revenue. 

Lead Capturing

A high converting website with an intriguing offer will get the phone ringing. 

Lead Management

A CRM is a no brainer to make sure no leads fall through the cracks. 

Email Marketing

Crucial for follow-ups, reputation management and getting maximum value from your leads. 

How to kick off the process

Helping you find the simplest and most streamline way to growth. Once we decide we are going to move forward, we will get you up and running receiving leads within 5 days. 



We get to learn about your business, your ideal customer, and your current marketing plan.

Strategy & Audit


We do a deep dive on your competitive environment. Keywords, cost-per-click, competitors and more.

Campaign Design


We build a plan with a recommended spend, keyword targets, tracking and overall acquisition strategy.



We begin driving traffic and tracking results. The data we collect is used to guide a series of adjustments to keep improving.



With our tracking tools, we give you real-time and scheduled reports so you can see what we see – improved performance and revenue.

What you get from working with us!

Working with RhinoBerry Media is like having your own in-house marketing department – at a fraction of the cost.

We’re not your traditional marketers that speak in technical terms and focus on vanity metrics like reach and impressions.

We’re entrepreneurs who know what matters to you and your business – getting a strong return on the money you’re investing into marketing. That’s our only focus.

Years of experience

Our team has a proven track-record of driving customers and profit to small businesses . With years of experience across different industries, you can be sure your ad-spend is the best investment you make each month.

Simple, no fluff

We believe in simplicity and transparency in everything we do. You won’t hear us speaking in industry jargon or using technical terms. We want you to understand the work we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

ROI-focused Results

When you work with us, you know exactly what you're getting for your money. One of the first things we do when kicking off a new relationship is setup comprehensive tracking so you know exactly what return you're getting, and how many new customers are coming from our ads.

Imagine a constant stream of customers requesting your services, asking you to take their money...

Lead generation is the life line of your business. 

It starts here!

Attract, convert, and keep more customers with RhinoBerry's local business marketing strategies.

We’ve streamlined onboarding to make it as easy as possible for you and your team.

No long meetings. No salespeople.

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