16 Reasons Why SureCart is an E-commerce Game Changer

Your online store just got easier to manage. Why? SureCart has arrived. This fresh, innovative WordPress platform is here to redefine the future of e-commerce.

Why is SureCart taking the world of e-commerce by storm? Keep reading.

Why Use Surecart For Your Online Store

16 reasons why SureCart is top-notch

  1. It’s free. Pro packages are on the way, but the free version has everything you need to get going and run a business – and it will be free forever.
  1. Ten-minute set-up and three easy steps gets you to the point where you can start selling.
  1. SureCart prides itself on being simple enough for anyone to use.
  1. You can easily connect to Stripe or Paypal to collect payments. You can use multiple processors on a single checkout form. You can also choose to accept ApplePay or GooglePay express checkout options.
    The SureCart team is working on adding additional gateways such as Mollie and PayStack in the future.
  1. SureCart offers powerful payment options, covering most ways you may choose to receive your payment.
    These include one-time payments, subscriptions, subscriptions with free trials, payment plans, and donations.
  1. SureCart has the most complete subscription payments system. Extensive subscription payments options allow you to sell your subscriptions in any way you want.
    SureCart also offers prorated upgrades or downgrades. If, for example, you are offering a monthly or annual subscription and your customer wants to upgrade, SureCart can prorate the upgrade.
  1. You have full control over what a customer sees and is able to do. You can let your customers change their personal details, password, update credit cards on file and upgrade or downgrade a subscription.
  1. SureCart has the most customisable checkout form in the business and you can create as many as you like.
    The user-friendly customisation process lets you simply drag and drop fields, price choosers, donation choosers, check boxes and the like.
  1. You can easily offer your customers coupon discounts. Easily create as many coupons as you want and automatically add coupons with a URL parameter.
  1. If you are selling digital downloads such as software or ebooks, SureCart guarantees you secure delivery to your buyers.
  1. SureCart has a good-looking and quick slide-out cart for users who want to sell their products using the traditional cart where buyers add items and then go to checkout.
  1. SureCart offers complete EU VAT compliance.
  1. You can use SureCart for all of your e-commerce as it integrates with a large variety of WordPress plugins.
  2. SureCart takes care of scaling for you, so you don’t have to worry about your site crashing should you get a massive influx of buyers at the same time.
    This allows you to run promotions or special offers with ease.
  1. Enjoy real-time VAT and sales tax calculations. SureCart sorts this out for you at no extra cost, as it is fully integrated with TaxJar.
  1. The Pro Plan will feature upsells, downsells and order bumps.
‘Headless’ platforms vs self-hosted e-commerce platforms

In a headless platform, such as SureCart, the backend management system is completely separated from the frontend WordPress plugin.

The e-commerce engine that powers SureCart is therefore hosted on their servers, as opposed to your own website hosting. It merely connects to the frontend WordPress plugin.
No heavy plugins weighing your site down or bloating your database allows you to enjoy higher performance and a better user experience. This comes with the following benefits:
You can confidently add your shopping experience to your main website domain. There is no need to host on a subdomain to maintain site speed.

There is no need to stress over constantly capturing backups in fear of losing customer transactions. All the transactions are stored and backed up with SureCart.

You are less likely to have plugin conflicts or caching issues.
You have more control over your design layout, content presentation and user interaction.
You don’t have to deal with stiff checkout forms that odder clumsy user experiences or custom coding to customise.

Enjoy superior security benefits which makes it difficult for hackers to access your sensitive backed data. This is because this data is separate from your frontend, the user-facing website.
Your digital files are stored on SureCart’s servers, keeping your copyrighted content secure.
Source: https://katyboykin.com/surecart-vs-woocommerce/

SureCart’s vision

The developers describe the ‘why’ behind SureCart in one word: care.

  • Connected: The platform must connect to everything inside of WordPress and outside.
  • Accessible: Everyone should be welcome to use the platform. It must be accessible to everyone, levelling the playing field.
  • Reliable: Users should feel completely sure that everything is going to work.
  • Easy: Everyone should be able to start taking payments in less than ten minutes. It should be an elegant experience requiring no code.


SureCart’s features and user reviews at this point makes one thing clear: there is nothing quite like it on the market.

SureCart’s release saw a lot of excitement among owners of online shops. Don’t miss out on seeing what the fuss is all about.

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