Why is lead generation important?

Gathering leads is the process of enticing people who may be interested in your product and converting them into potential customers. As such generating leads serves as a keystone to the financial boost of your business. In this feature I will dive into the importance of lead generation.

What Is a Lead?

Leads can be described as people who are interested in what you have on offer. This description casts a broad net. To put it simply, consider lead generation as encouraging people to become supporters instead of inactive scrollers on social media. In other words, leads show interest and get actively involved in your business. 

The purpose here is to find prospective customers and guide them through a course of action until they are willing to buy. When they are ready to buy, then they are directed to sales as a highly qualified lead.

Why Is Lead Generation Important

The Foundation Behind Generating Leads

Money, money, and money. Seriously, creating leads is an important component of a thriving business. A trustworthy lead generating method improves the trustworthiness of your marketing efforts. It is a proven way to show irrefutable positive outcomes and establish a return on investment 

Types of Leads

Don’t get too excited about getting leads and making money. It is important that you identify each lead and how to work with them.

Information Qualified Lead

An information-qualified lead (IQL) is simply on the threshold of the sales funnel. An IQL is a potential customer who starts the journey towards buying. 

An IQL is someone who looks for important info about your business. Remember they want to see if you can solve their problem or cater to their need. They will trade their name and information to find out more. This is the potential start to making sales. 

Marketing Qualified Lead

A marketing qualified lead has displayed an ongoing curiosity about your business. These are leads who are looking at approaches in which they can use your business to solve their business problems.

SQL – Sales Qualified Lead

A sales-qualified lead (SQL) has indicated readiness to make a purchase. These are the hot leads that your sales force is ready to turn into committed customers. An SQL has expressed an intent to buy your businesses’ products. They have also met your lead qualification standards that establish whether a buyer is suitable.

The” How to” Of Generating Leads

Lead generation marketing uses multiple networks to get probable customers to your website’s lead gen landing page. This is usually done using a form to gather important contact information. 

When filling out the contact form, your customer should receive an offer shortly and voila, your first lead is in the pipeline. Every channel you use will target people in different ways. 

E-mail Marketing

Imagine a parent reads your Facebook post offering children a free learnership program on a particular subject. When clicking on the link on your post, they are directed to a landing page with an uncomplicated form. This information can be added to your records using dependable e-mail marketing software.

When giving their email address, the parent receives a PDF with the program. Included in this you should add: 

  • a welcome package with pricing of other courses, 
  • menu of your services
  • success stories of your courses 
  • and a call-to-action voucher 

E-mail marketing can rid you of missing interactions with leads while also serving as a pipeline for direct sales. 

Landing pages

Landing pages are crucial for lead generation. A lead generation landing page is committed to assembling personal information and linking your business and a potential customer for further discussion. 

Social media

This should be a no-brainer, but in case you didn’t know, social media is paramount for any business today. Social media has opened doors for business to tie into their potential customers. Having a good social presence on social media platforms simplifies the task of finding your business. 

Using certain hashtags or keywords makes all the difference here. Social media companies are focused on keeping their users energetically involved. The hyper involvement gives your business’ marketers an added advantage. Using social media can seriously increase awareness of your brand while opening a steady marketing dialogue.

Blog Content

Here’s a way to get leads that gets overlooked; a lot. Writing blogs about your product or service is a great way to guide users to your landing page. A blog gives the user free information about a problem they want to solve. A problem that will be solved using what you have on offer.

Appropriate and helpful content develops a sense of certainty and confidence. It encourages visitors to decide for themselves if they want to proceed with the purchasing side of things. A clever way to do this is by putting calls to action anywhere in your blog. This sneaky technique links visitors to your landing page where they are regarded as information-qualified leads.


Lead generation is simply an essential part of expanding your business. If you don’t use lead generation, your business will have a tough time drawing in new customers. Generating leads may seem daunting but with clever planning you should be landing sales almost immediately. 

Given its reputation through multiple impactful methods, generating leads should always be part of your marketing strategy

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