What is a sales lead in retail?

In every business there is a hierarchy. Each one functions according to specific roles. From the business owner to the so-called “worker ants” of the operations. 

In the retail business there are a special group of individuals who link products and services with the ultimate goal- money.

Enter the sales lead.

What Is A Sales Lead In Retail?

Defining A Sales Lead

Retail sales leads are accountable for recruiting and training of sales team members. They also assist the administrative and managerial departments with retail products while drafting sales reports. 

Sales Lead Responsibilities

With great sales savvy comes great responsibility- or something like that. There are a whole lot of obligations that sales leads must ensure successful business.

So, whether you are trying to recruit a sales lead or want to become one yourself, take the following into consideration:

  • Recruiting and training new sales staff
  • Resolving customer complaints and responding to inquiries
  • Drafting reports to be reviewed senior managers
  • Helping with the selling of products and services
  • Maximizing sales
  • Making products more appealing to buyers. This includes stocking shelves and creating displays
  • Giving sales staff with productive feedback and equipping them with the knowledge in solving problems may have when making purchases
  • Keeping the ship in order by inspecting inventory, filling out paperwork, and acquiring more stock
  • Nurturing encouraging and uplifting relationships with customer 
  • Inspiring the sales team to bring about fresh ideas through a competitive unaggressive approach

Sales Lead Requirements

With the mouthful of responsibilities mentioned above, there will obviously be several attributes a good retail sales lead has. Here’s a short summary:

  • Strong sales ability, business insight, and business understanding
  • Outstanding communication, social, and customer service skills
  • Strong leadership capabilities
  • Exceptional time management, strategic planning, and managerial talents

Sales Leads Matter

There’s another aspect of sales leads; the leads themselves. These are potential customers who come in all shapes and sizes. 

For example, calling on a person who has visited your business’ website and given contact information has a higher probability to become a sale. That’s the difference between approaching someone randomly to entice them to your business. 

Therefore, retail sales leads are so important. They are accountable for compiling lists of leads who expressed interest in products and have their contact information listed. 

The bigger the lists the more likely you are to rake in the big bucks when the sales come through. The core focus of every lead should be usable contact information, and building a relationship with them. 

Lead Management Software

Lead management tools enable businesses to communicate with and nurture their customers. 

When a lead provides their contact details and decides to receive communication from you, your sales lead can change them into a customer. Therefore, lead management is a crucial part of sales tactics in retail businesses. 

Lead management software increases opportunities for retail businesses to run lead generation and through many marketing channels.  You will have an open window to get in touch with your leads and customers in different ways. 

From SMS, social media, email, to live chats. Lead management software can even be used to contact your customers after they have made a purchase from you. Remember, customers want to feel important so and aftersales call from your sales lead could do the trick of drawing back in. 

Look at some of the cool software we have found to do just that.

Zoho Retail CRM

Zoho Retail CRM allows communication to take place between you and your leads. You can do this through networks including WhatsApp, social media, and telephone. You will be able to aim at potential customers for based on their engagement, location, and previous ordering.

With Zoho’s social monitoring feature, you can stay in touch with potential and existing customers who are talking about and respond to their complaints and questions. You can also integrate Zoho with your customer support systems to provide customer support and boost ongoing business.


Here we find end-to-end software for retail businesses. It consists of a bunch of beneficial elements including POS, e-commerce, marketing, client relations management, inventory, finance.

With NetSuite’s efficient CRM you will be able to collect information through multiple exchanges and dealings. Whether they are online, or I one-on-one exchanges. You can enhance your transparency with your target market. 

Coupled with these elements, store owners can control paid advertising and affiliate marketing operations. One of NetSuite’s handiest features is its closed-loop marketing. This is where your retail sales leads and marketers can point out the most credible resources of revenue.


Your business can thrive exponentially from having a lead supervision structure in place. Especially if you have a retail business, your sales lead can attract new customers and uphold relationships with existing ones. 

The software we have spoken about are tools your retail leads can use to simplify their jobs. We’ve seen the massive undertaking these “superheroes” have for the advancement of a business. Be mindful of these individuals when you see your business expand. 

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