What is lead generation in SEO?

There are several elements that go into creating a successful marketing plan for our digital era. The two most important of all available strategies being lead generation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Understanding how to use both elements play a crucial role when growing your business. Your business is likely to miss out on a lot of lucrative opportunities, read on and don’t miss out.

What Is Lead Generation In Seo?

Explaining Lead Generation

Lead generation is the method of planting an interest in your business to create a continuing list of possible clients or customers. In other words, leads. Gathering leads is a key part of the sales process of many businesses. Short and sweet, lead is someone who has expressed an interest in your business’ products or services. Just keep in mind that does not mean they are fit to buy.

Explaining SEO

SEO is the beautiful art of improving website pages to eventually enhance their position on search engine results pages. The aim is to let search engines (like Google and Yahoo) revert links back to your website when someone types in a related question or query. 

As your website ranks higher, your click rate will also increase significantly. The main benefits to this are an upsurge in organic traffic to your website and improved online presence in your business. 

The Link Between the Two

Now, you may be wondering what the relationship is among these two approaches. First, you have to realize that SEO and lead generation are worlds apart. SEO’s main purpose is to increase web traffic. Lead generation is centred around increasing the number of customers or possible clients for your business. Yet, SEO can add to your lead generation efforts. Accomplishing this is done providing awareness of your company through organic traffic to the site.

Direct Lead Generation Using SEO

In essence, the purpose of SEO is to use Google to direct new visitors to your website. It does this for your content together with leads that will persuade, influence, and engage sales. Two things are needed to get this done:

  • Reach the appropriate audience by targeting relevant keywords, and phrases.
  • Regularly publish quality content for that audience by being aware of search purpose.

Understanding and Nourishing Search Intent

Search intent is the foundation of SEO. It gives way for higher trust both with Google and allows you to fashion the best content for those web pages. The quality content then carries your influence to the visitors themselves, changing those visitors to leads

For you to nourish the site visitor’s search, you need to create fantastic content that responds to their online searches. 

The best ways to do this is by:

  • Answering their questions swiftly and with purpose
  • Ensure that your content is engaging with every paragraph 
  • Arrange practical steps that will put ideas into actions

If your content meets all three of these criteria your visitors will be involved for much longer. You will also be seen as a dependable source of information. 

Search Intent and Influential Keywords

In the first place you need your website’s visitors to be potential customers or clients. They must click on your website because of carefully searching what you are selling. A good way to do this is by targeting influential keywords. What this basically means are the keywords that show that a browser is interested in spending money on your business. 

These keywords range in degree of purpose. Words such as “buy” or “services” aim to generate sales. Then you get words like “benefits” which are implemented to provide valued information. The most useful searchers are those that encourage sales. This is where your website SEO content has to draw your leads into the process.

Consistent Publishing Affects Lead Generation and Revenue

Delivering fresh content on a consistent basis works for many reasons. Every other piece of content gives you the chance to use important keywords in the title. 

Indirect Lead Generation with SEO Content

Other than directly enticing customers, SEO is an outstanding approach to generate leads indirectly. This can be done by using the content made for your SEO campaign on other marketing channels. This content can place your company as a leader in its industry which means more business and growth. You will also be able to generate further brand awareness by showing up in the e-mail inboxes or social media channels of your leads. 


Using SEO for lead generation is simple in theory. Create unique and intuitive content. What you put out needs to regularly use important keywords while making way for new leads.Getting it done is a whole different kettle. You will need to do some research and perhaps enlist the help of professionals to simplify this for you. Your focus here is to choose specific keywords and create high quality content for each one.

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