How do you generate leads?

Business is a game of chance where rolling the dice can make a difference. However, in this case you want other people to come and play with you. Figuring out how to generate leads is one way to winning this proverbial game.

Level up your business with some of our “cheats codes” and secrets conjure up leads.

How Do You Generate Leads

Getting to Grips with Lead Generation

Let me paint a picture for you. You’re about to sit down and enjoy a movie you have been waiting to see for some time. The introductory credits are just about over when you get a ring on your phone. 

Alas it is only a sales rep who is trying to pull you in with whatever they are selling.

Obviously, you are in the middle of something and not interested. 


They have lost a lead and you continue watching your film.

Now this is where lead generation is different.

It is basically  the process of attracting the right amount of customers to your business and peaking their interest. You want them to come to you, not the other way around. I’ll get to how you can do that in a sec.

Lead Generation is Important

Generating leads becomes effective when customers become genuinely interested in your business. This makes the change from stranger to customer easier. Producing leads is an essential part of running a successful business. .

How To Do It

To get business, you have to attract business. I’ve listed multiple approaches you can reel in digital leads. Today’s technological advancements have made it easier for millions of people to see your business. You just need to play the game and go about it the right way. Here’s how.


Content is an effective way to show leads what your business is all about. In most instances, you create content to give interested persons valuable and free information. 

Here’s a hint. Show them how to solve their needs and then add a call to action where they can solve their dilemma by purchasing what you offer. You can put this anywhere in your content. The more you can impress your audience with your content, the more likely they are to click your call to action and engage a sale.


Using e-mail marketing is a great place to reach the people who are familiar with your business.  These will likely be people who had previously subscribed to your mailing list.  

Apart from intriguing copy, ensure that you include a compelling call to action that would convince a sale. Create a sense of urgency like giving limited discounted offers available for a select period.


I have said this in quite a few other posts, blogs allow you to promote your products while also directing readers towards a sale. So make sure the content of your blog is persuasive to look at, influential to find out more, and engaging enough to speed up a sales query.

Product Trials

You will be able to cut through the fluff by offering trials or samples of your product or service. When potential customers start using your product, you can lure them with extra products or full versions of what they had originally tested. Remember to include as much branding in your free products as possible. Just enough so that the tester can remember where they got your awesome product or service.

Referral Marketing

The last sneaky tactic you can use to win the game of getting leads for your business is good old word of mouth. Referral marketing is useful for lead generation in a different way. 

Here you can get information about your business circulated around many people, doubling or even tripling your chances of getting more leads. The more you impress existing leads or customers, the likelier they are to spread the word.

Buying Leads Is a Trap

Buying leads may be more expensive, yes but it is a shortcut to getting leads. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? It’s a little-known fact that shortcuts will lead us astray. In the first place, every purchased lead isn’t actually aware of what your business is about- nor do they care. Naturally, they’ve “opted in” from a different site when signing up for your business and didn’t actually opt in any further business offerings from your company.

The methods you use to reach out are therefore unwanted and invasive. So essentially it is always better to generate leads naturally instead of buying them. 


Keep creating great offers to your current and prospective customer base. Promote them on various channels. Communicate with your marketing team to ensure you’re handing off superior leads on a normal basis. 

Don’t stop adjusting your approach. The more you innovate and test every approach of your lead generation process, the likelier you are to improve lead quality and boost income.

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