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Google Ads

Imagine what 53 additional calls can do for your business in just 16 days?

53 Phone Calls In Just 16 Days
An increase of 53 additional phone calls in just 16 days!

Your biggest frustration Right Now Is...

Let me guess and believe me it’s most business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself problem. 

The generic and wide reaching question; How to grow my business faster and generate more leads. If you are just starting out with R0 profits or sitting with revenue of R10 million, you are kept awake at night frustrated about figuring out how to increase that number and we get that.

This is where marketing and advertising can be a dark endless pit of overwhelm which we surely understand.

But when you are looking for that silver bullet the more complex it becomes while you are looking for something simple that works.  

And Google Ads is definitely a consideration!

Get 300% to 400% Better Results With Our Personalised Google Ads Consulting

At RhinoBerry we can help you go from no campaign or a struggling advertisement to a well-oiled lead generating machine, that will help you grow you business. 

If your campaigns are not at least getting 8% plus click-trough-rates and 10% plus conversion rates you or the agency you hired is doing it wrong. 


Normally this is the part where I hard sell you “Our Services” as the best solution on the planet and that you will never make it otherwise.


We are not just going to push another uncomfortable sale down your throat. We see ourselves as marketing consultants and we aim to partner with our customers in long term profitable relationships. 

We are looking for a great fit, a business we can actually help and make a difference for. We don’t hold back and give advice even if it means we are not going to work together. 

It’s about getting your business to that dream you had when you started out. And this entails the initial call we will have if you opt in find out more

34 Leads In 14 Days
34 new leads to boost sales in just 14 days!

Why Google Ads is it Worth it?

You can reach more relevant and larger potential customers across Google’s platform. 

Attract engaged specific traffic that is searching something relevant to your offering. 

Increase brand awareness and become the nr.1 go-to solution in your industry.

Google Ads Review Of Product

why outsource to a specialist?

Depending on your size and marketing efforts it can be much cheaper than doing it in house.

You get vast advertising expertise and experience to help manage your campaigns. 

Your time and effort each day is limited and should be spent on your business and not running another department. 


Google Ads Review Product Turnover

How much does google ads cost?

Every market is different roughly 20% of clicks go to the ad section in Google search results. 

Google ads is a pay-per-click advertising platform, so you pay for each click on your ad. 

Based on your ads budget you put in will determine how many clicks you can get based on the keywords you select in your campaign. 

Google Ads Review Product Traffic

is this your business?

Your not a solopreneur and have a good fulfilment team in place meaning you can handle additional sales and deliver a world class product or service consistently.  

You have a marketing budget and are already marketing your business in some form.

You are willing to learn, have a growth mindset and implement our recommendations. 

If this is resonates with your business we can help with your Google ad campaigns that drive the leads you want backed by strategies that convert.

We would like to make -you- first choice on google

Eclipse your competition with smart, efficient, and scalable Google advertisements.

We partner with companies from South Africa to help expand their lead generation strategies. 

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