Facebook Marketing Tips for Accounting Business

Not using Facebook to market your accounting business could be a cardinal sin. There is absolutely no doubt that over the past few years, Facebook has dominated the way budding entrepreneurs do business today. As a business owner you have to understand its importance and take advantage of the benefits. 

By doing so you will be well on your way to sustain and grow your accounting business. In this feature, we discuss all the ways you can use this social media titan to grow your business rapidly.

Using Facebook Can Skyrocket Your Accounting Business

Why Choose Facebook?

Despite other rising platforms, Facebook has still found itself as the king of social media. It remains at the top of being the most used and engaging means of connecting with others. With pretty much over 2 billion users, Facebook is a social media powerhouse to be reckoned with. It has its roots as a modest gateway for college students to look at pictures of their friends, to become a useful marketing tool for your business.  

Facebook just sets up so many ways for your accounting business to do marketing. By using many creative ways to grow your operations from publishing blogs, sharing photos and videos to get the word out.

How Your Accounting Business Can Use Facebook

Facebook can be one of the best, if not the best, platforms your accounting business can use to promote itself. It has been proven over and over again that small businesses and big companies can effortlessly shape brand awareness when using the site.

 By simply doing a few things like posting just a few times a week, you can reach new clients like never before.

Create a Business Page

First thing’s first – creating a business page. This is not the same as your personal Facebook page but should be created by using it. To do this, log into your personal account and click on the “Create” section while on the home screen. 

From there you just choose the “Page” option.

Here you will be given two options two choices; either to create a business or a community figure page. You will need the name, address, and grouping of your business.  From there you can add your company logo as a profile photo and a cover photo. 

You will also be able to tell page visitors more about your business with a few sections such as “About”, “Services”, photos and more.

When all the nitty-gritties have been filled in, you can invite your friends to “like” it and share the word.

Join Groups 

By joining a Facebook group, you will be able to network with other businesses or people with similar interests. Don’t see this as rubbing shoulders with competition, instead think of it as a way to become more visible to the online community.

 “Like” other Pages and Posts 

Just as joining a group, “Liking” another page, picture, or wall post on Facebook gives you the opportunity to cultivate a presence for your accounting business. There is no doubt that other business owners in your community have Facebook pages – “Like” them and expand your network.

Tools You Should Use

Facebook has quite a few tools you can use for your business, the most useful being Facebook MarketPlace and Facebook Ads. Let’s explore them.

Facebook Marketplace 

This is basically an online classified ads section. Facebook Marketplace is an online means to trade your goods or services. It is a fantastic place to let folks know what services you provide, and lets you tell them more about your business.

Facebook Ads. 

Not everything in life is free and this is where Facebook makes it money. Facebook Ads gives you a pretty nifty feature to design your advertisement followed by an estimated cost of your operation. 

You can set your pricing based on “cost per click,” which is how many times people click on your ad, or “cost per impression,” which is how many times your ad appears on a page.

Facebook Saves You Money

Hey guess what? Starting and running a successful Facebook business page will cost you absolutely nothing, zilch, zip. It is basically mahala. You will only need to fork out some cash when you start paying for ads, boost posts, or running Sponsored Stories. They might cost something, but we suggest you do this. 

With the huge number of people, you can reach together with the capability to section your clients, Facebook a fantastic affordable marketing tool for your business.

Posting Tips

Using the right posting tactics will give you better results from your Facebook marketing. Below are a few ways you can arm and enhance your posts to get more awareness and generate leads.

Use Hashtags 

Facebook started using hashtags in 2013. By definition, hashtags are a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications to identify digital content on a specific topic. 

This is one of the best ways for people to find your business on Facebook. You should include a few hashtags at the bottom of each post to help people find your business page more easily. Have a look at other bigger accounting businesses to see what kinds of hashtags they are using, and then build posts around them. 

Create Compelling Content

We cannot stress this enough that Facebook is not just used to promote your business. See Facebook as an advertising tool. Your content should be geared towards marketing straight to your clients. Even so, you should post a variety of diverse, fun and engaging content. This can be anything from asking questions, giving your viewers a “behind-the-scenes” look or linking your blog posts.

Celebrate Your Clients 

Who doesn’t like to be noticed? If you have been able to land a client and are now balancing their books, give them a shout out on your page. Take pictures of their business, tell other followers about them and of course tag them. This gives your clients’ customers the window of opportunity to find your business.


We are confident that by now you would have realized that having a Facebook business page is an absolute no-brainer. Today running a business and not having a Facebook page seems unimaginable. Follow our simple guidelines after creating your business page and you will definitely have great results without breaking the bank.

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