WordPress Themes That Balance Your Accounting Business’ Website

A website with a fantastic look and easy navigation feel is a sure-fire way of attracting customers to your accounting business. Here we will discuss some of the best themes you can access on the internationally renowned website creator WordPress.We also look at some of Wordpress’ most impressive themes that you need to look out for in a great theme. 

Aspects of a Great Theme

Characteristically, there are a whole bunch of attributes that set some themes apart from others. Nowadays everyone whips out their cell phone if they want to get access to information quickly.

Therefore, you should look for a template that includes a mobile-responsive design to ensure smartphone and tablet users can comfortably use your site. Also look for themes that offer a lot of customization possibilities where you can add your logo and change your colour scheme.

Lastly look out for a theme that allows you to navigate easily through your pages while also embodies the general tone of your brand. With that being said, let’s have a look at some of the most suited WordPress themes for your business website. (1)

Best Accounting Wordpress Themes


This is a consulting and business theme that is ideal for accountants who are designing their own website.

Featuring a selection of beautiful pre-built website demos in the Finano package that are aimed at creating a website for an accounting business with WordPress.

This is a new theme to the WordPress platform but the designs are contemporary and updated. Using this theme will ensure that your business’ website will be able to portray a professional image to your visitors. Finano has a host of demos that are filled with themes that your site might need. 

These include pages for adding a portfolio to your website to showcase the clients and projects that you have worked with,  themes for adding information about your team, and arrangements for adding a blog to your site as well as contact forms.


If you are looking to make a massive impact on your clients, then the Accounting theme is the way to go. It is completely responsive to all devices, so it can be used for websites browsing on both PC and Cell phone.

The colour scheme and general style of the theme is harmonized to businesses offering professional services, such as your accounting business. This theme refrains from applying a bubbly and contemporary design. This is advantageous if you intend to do business with clients who would like a more refined and moderate look to your brand.

 Accounting lets you create your website in a very straightforward and easy way. It includes a one-click demo installer generating the assembly of your site online almost instantaneously. Just add your own logo and content and the theme is your own.


This is a versatile theme that you can use to generate any sort of website for your accounting business. Since its inception, it has been one of the most unchanging, fast and best-supported WordPress themes on offer.  GeneratePress allows you to tailor-make your website by means of WordPress’ customizer and interface.

Despite the fact that GeneratePress may seem somewhat bland in its default settings, it is easy to use and you can swiftly change it to get stunning results that will impress visitors to your site. With its massive selection of options and advanced features it is very easy to shape the website you had planned.

Should you ever feel stuck, GeneratePress has a support forum where you can get guidance and ask developers any questions you have. Here you will find a forum that engages with you to understand what you need and you will get your answers in as little as twelve hours.



A theme that is aimed at consulting and finance businesses, making it ideal for an accounting business like yours. It features a library of pre-built websites with at least one demo that we think will be most suited for any accounting business. 

Corzo will be able to promote your business, it doesn’t matter if you work on your own or have started a company with a few employees, it should be suitable for both set-ups. This theme boasts many ready-made design templates to add trendy contact, about, and service pages to your business website. 

There are several types of every template, in other words when you add a piece of content to your site, you can choose from a few different options. Corzo also has incredible features like block sync and reusable elements that make updating it a breeze.


This well-designed theme comes in many previously arranged approaches. With this versatile approach you are sure to find one for your accounting business. 

Its accountancy-friendly demo version allows you to set-up your website as quickly as possible. Just watch out here, because the other modes are all extremely flexible. You might want to use any one of them for your accounting website, before changing it to meet your needs.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter which style you opt for; you are guaranteed to get a sophisticated and contemporary website that makes use of large images and full-width layouts to really create a strong first impression on your visitors.


The Gutenberg theme made a unique way of editing content with blocks. What WordPress aimed to do here, is to create a theme that allowed for full site editing and better user’s experiences.

 This innovative block editor is combined with the main software for WordPress 5.0 or higher. In case you are still using a version of WordPress which is a bit older, you should install the Gutenberg theme to use the block editor.

 The Gutenberg theme makes use of blocks which simplifies the customization of your accounting business’ website.  Here you will be able to effortlessly rearrange your website by moving blocks around- which is pretty cool for changes to your websites’ layout.

These blocks also let you streamline your project with features such as reusable blocks to sidestep repetitive work. Also, Gutenberg has this other cool feature called a global styles panel.  With this you change the entire site’s design, again another theme that lets you do something great without any coding knowledge. (2)


If you are serious about the future of your accounting business having any plans of growth, then you’ll want to use a WordPress site that gives you the space to expand, by the means of when you need to. It won’t be necessary to pull out all the stops and build a website with ten pages or more.

Start by keeping it small and build on as you expand. When you begin designing your site, you just need to keep in mind that you have to say who you are, what you do, who you help, and how. 

And all those things need to be mentioned on your homepage as well. Being an accounting business, think about adding pages such as specialist services, how you work, a distinct testimonials page or even a careers page as your operation grows.

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