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Most frequent questions and answers

A landing page is a marketing driven page that will be integrated into your WordPress website or domain. We use landing pages because they are best practice and allow us to both track all leads accurately and A/B test your landing pages.

Yes, we offer a Free PPC Audit to help you close your clients.

We will recommend a minimum budget or you can request a PPC Performance Projection and you will have a max budget that you can recommend to your client, as well as the number of leads and estimated cost per lead.

No, we do not require a contract. All engagements are month to month.

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Yes, a landing page is included with your campaign and additional LPs can be built for a small fee.

We commit to a 10 day launch and typically launch in 5 days after receiving your input form.

This depends but leads usually start flowing very quickly and if they don’t, we have processes for dealing with that.